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The Diploma in Positive Coaching has the gold stamp of course accreditation with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and Association for Coaching (AC)

Get Study skills support

No one gets left being we support all levels of previous education

Alcohol Free coaching specialism

As part of your study you gain the alcohol-free specialism to your Diploma and become accredited by Arete Coach as an ‘AF-Coach’

Self-study bonus accreditation

Completion of the bonus AreteWay Coaching module will result in a further accreditation by AreteWay Coach with the award of the title, ‘AreteWay Coach’

Mission lead marketing

You gain access to Andy’s 10 years of wisdom and learn how to grow a robust vocational coaching business through his world-class mission led marketing course







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Becoming a Coach:

What exactly is coaching?

There are a number of definitions we can examine to get us started and to sufficiently outline coaching for our purposes. 

The first of these is from Downey (2003), note how he refers to coaching as an ‘art’ form. 

“The art of facilitating the performance, learning and development of another.”

Whitmore (2009), founder of the famous ‘GROW’ model defines coaching as: “Unlocking people’s potential to maximise their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.” 

Interesting here, how the key element is aiding the client to ‘learn for themselves’ and not be taught. Also to be noted is this notion of ‘unlocking’. A more recent definition is provided to us by Bresser & Wilson, (2010): 

“Empowering people by facilitating self-directed learning, personal growth and improved performance.”

At AreteWay Coach we believe that coaching is essentially the art of helping people to reach their Arete. Let us explain:

Purpose / Potential / Excellence

Arete is an ancient Greek word to fulfil one’s potential, find meaning and achieve excellence. Coaching is at its core all about helping others to reach their Arete. But can we let you into a secret? Learning with us to become a great coach will also help you reach your Arete. It’s the greatest Win-Win!

Who is the course for?

Our vision at AreteWay Coach is to train world-class coaches to take people on a coaching journey towards life transformation or in other words – help people to reach their Arete.

The goal for our coaching diploma is to equip each trainee coach with the skills, knowledge, mindset, network, support and most importantly confidence to go out into the world and make a difference through their coaching.

What Coaching is not?

A great misconception about coaching is that the coach must be a wise Yoda type who offers insightful wisdom with every word. But this is not how coaching works. The role of the coach is to create a safe, reflective space using coaching skills, techniques and language that allow the coachee (the person being coached) to explore their own experiences and uncover their own conclusions about the way forward. Whether that’s to achieve new goals, overcome a roadblock in their life, or simply to be listened to and move closer to Arete.

There is no need to be the all-knowing wise guide, so for a new trainee coach the pressure is off, you don’t require specific knowledge about the coachee’s situation or career. The coach’s role is to skillfully create a space for the coachee to make their own breakthroughs. Therefore, coaching is not about telling the coachee what to do. 

A great coach gets themselves out of the way to generate a reflective space that challenges the coachee’s thinking in ways that helps them figure out the next steps themselves.

Great coaches empower coachees with autonomy

One of the greatest theories of motivation, “ Self Determination Theory” (Ryan & Deci) reveals the power of autonomous motivation. Autonomy is when you do something because you have decided you want to, rather than being told what to do. Think about this in your own life. Do you feel much more motivated to achieve a goal you selected, rather than all those ‘should’ goals that you feel like you ‘should’ achieve because someone else says so?

There is a massive difference in motivation between “should goals” and autonomous goals.

What a great coach is really doing by not giving advice every 5 minutes and assuming they know what’s best for the coachee, is helping the coachee to generate their own autonomous insights, breakthroughs and steps to reach their goals.  The coachee is then more motivated and will get better results!

Our coaching is focused on the coachee’s present experience and seeks to build positive future aspirations rather than revisiting old wounds from the past. At the heart of the DPC is the science of positive psychology.

Are You Ready To become a coach?

The AreteWay Coach

What You Will learn on our Diploma course


Induction and Introduction to coaching

This module will be covered in the first two weeks of the course. The ‘induction’ part is essentially week one and will be an orientation to the whole programme. Week two provides a crash course to coaching, taking you through how to structure and manage a coaching session so that you are ready and confident to start building up your coaching hours.

Induction and Introduction to coaching

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Coaching and theory & approaches

The theory behind the practice. This module explores the many theories which have contributed to the development of coaching as we know it today. From the theoretical origins of coaching to the various psychological approaches employed by coaches.

Coaching and theory & approaches

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The Coaching Process

The nuts and bolts of coaching! Here we closely examine the tools and techniques that can be used to help clients find clarity, self-awareness, develop goals and achieve them. This module is the largest and will run throughout the course, introducing more sophisticated coaching methodologies as your skills develop.

The Coaching Process

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Professional Coaching Relationships

Ethical and professional coaching practice lies at the heart of the Arete Way coaching course and as such, will be revisited throughout the programme as part of this module. From following the ICF Code of Ethics through to the coaching supervision process, these topics will empower you to coach to the highest professional standards

Professional Coaching Relationships

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Personal Growth and Positive Psychology

An exploration of the science that supports positive psychology, the powerhouse behind so much self-development. Understanding how to grow in ‘self-efficacy’ as an individual plays a crucial role in helping others to do the same.

Personal Growth and Positive Psychology

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Business and Professional Development

Situated towards the end of the course, this module will help you to evolve your own coaching philosophy and approach. The central themes are built upon providing support to craft and build your own coaching business and to remain ‘current’ through ongoing professional development and training.

Business and Professional Development

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Completion of the Diploma in Positive Coaching modules 1 - 6

Once modules 1 - 6 are finished and the observations and assignments are submitted the ICF/AC accredited Diploma in Positive Coaching is complete! AreteWay Coach then offers two extra extra modules that are not part of the ICF/AC accredited DPC, however, these modules are accredited by AreteWay Coach. See below for more details.

Personal Growth and Positive Psychology

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BECOMING A COACH... continued

The origins of positive psychology

When the science of psychology was first created in the 19th-century there were two original goals. The first was to cure mental illness, and the second was to nurture talent and create thriving individuals and communities. However, due to a succession of world wars, curing the sick took precedence and rightly so. 

For this reason, the second big aim for psychology, to promote wellbeing, was almost forgotten in an attempt to heal the sick. 

If you can imagine life’s wellbeing spectrum runs from -10 to +10, the focus of psychology was purely on taking negative numbers and making them into zero’s or small positive numbers. 

That makes perfect sense through the lens of the first major goal of psychology. But the second goal of psychology was not being fulfilled. 

That is until 1998, when Martin Seligman took on the biggest role in psychology as the head of the American Psychological Association (APA). Seligman knew the legacy he wanted to create. Seligman wanted to take psychology back to its roots and learn ways to make people happier. At this moment, Positive Psychology was re-born.

What is positive psychology?

Let’s start with what positive psychology isn’t: Firstly, it has nothing to do with the ‘positive thinking’ movement, where you aim to apply a positive attitude to everything in life. 

Positive psychology understands that this approach is not possible, life sucks at times and you can never rid yourself of stress. The aim is to learn from science how we can best manage life’s downs while promoting the up’s.

In short, positive psychology is a scientific movement to measure and improve wellbeing. 

Positive psychology aims to:

‘Achieve a scientific understanding of the effective interventions to build thriving or flourishing individuals, families and communities. To find and nurture genius and talent but most importantly make normal life more fulfilling.’ Martin Seligman 

In other words, positive psychology is the science that helps people reach Arete! 

This is why positive psychology forms the backbone of our Diploma in Positive Coaching. 

Over the last 20 years, positive psychology has transformed into a major science. Many of the brightest minds in the world have found themselves attracted to this area of study because it’s a science that makes you feel good!

One of the key tenets is a focus on our strengths rather than our weaknesses. AreteCoach supports this approach. Our aim is to train coaches who will work with strengths, boost wellbeing and nurture excellence. 

“Positive psychology is the scientific study of what makes life most worth living” (Peterson, 2008).

All of our trainers hold at least a Masters in Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology, while Andy has applied for his PhD early 2022.

Positive Psychology adds the scientific foundation to our diploma, and this is why we call it ‘Positive coaching’. 

AreteWay Coach believes positive psychology is the perfect science to support the art of coaching. We also have strong links to the University of East London, and several of our coaches are now considering the Master’s Degree in Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology.

The evolution of coaching

Coaching has evolved over the last 20 years in the most exciting way. Modern coaches possess all of the core skills needed to help coaches generate their own insights. However, there are now many coaching specialisms that make the coaching experience even more powerful. As more and more people are becoming aware of the power of coaching there is a real opportunity to provide the niched services that coaches are seeking.

For example, coaching specialisms might include bereavement, taking a break from alcohol, executive burnout, retirement planning, dance & movement, meaning & purpose… the list is almost endless and it marks the most exciting time ever to be a coach. Once you learn the core skills, there are no rules.

The Areteway Coach:

Our Additional Coaching Methods - Two optional accreditations and specialisms offered.

*Note the following specialisms are optional modules offered by AreteWay Coach and therefore separate from the ICF/AC accredited Diploma in Positive Coaching (DPC) modules above. So, each specialism requires extra time and study.


The alcohol-free coach module is a unique massive bonus to training with Andy. Not only will you end up with a diploma in positive coaching, but you will also be awarded the title, “Alcohol-Free or Sober Coach” which is accredited by Arete Coach. The AF Coach module includes two days of training in risk assessment. Andy, who is widely considered one of the world’s leading alcohol-free performance coaches, and Stephanie Chivers, another world-class coach in addiction, will make sure you have TOTAL confidence to coach people on their alcohol-free adventure. Plus alcohol-free coaching is one of the fastest-growing niches in the whole coaching world right now. Don’t miss out on this one! This module is considered ‘resource development’ by the ICF/AC i.e. not part of the ICF/AC core competencies, but still is part of the accredited course.

AreteWay Coaching Method

The Arete way is formed of three distinct parts. The rise, the full potential pathway and the 3rd adventure. At each of these stages, there are various tools, techniques and learnings that will give you the skills to meet your coachee where they are at and guide them through each part. During this online self-study module, we will explore each technique in depth so you have a ready-made toolbox of techniques you can bring with you into your coaching practice.


See ‘Course Details’ for more information

World-Class study support for those returning to education

Andy left school at 16 to become a professional footballer and thought he’d left his education behind. However, he started again aged 36, finishing a degree, followed by a Masters Degree with Distinction in Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology and is on track for a PhD. Andy is a great example of how far you can take your education even if you left school early or have few formal grades. We believe that if you love the subject, you can learn it.

At AreteWay Coach, we wanted to create a world-class training program that is accessible to everyone no matter what their educational background. We have trained coaches who left school with no exams, through to those who have years of higher education to become great coaches.

For Andy, it is incredibly important that anyone who wants to become a coach, regardless of education, can get the support they need to succeed. Therefore AreteWay Coach also offers the bonus of world-class study skills support from Sarah Chamberlain & Naomi Morgan. Sarah & Naomi are trained to Masters level in Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology and spent a large part of their career helping adults to re-learn the skills required to study. 

NO ONE gets left behind. So together we will crush the limiting belief that “ I’m not smart enough”

World-class accredited Diploma

We are proud of the profession of coaching and whilst currently coaching is not regulated, we believe it will be very soon. Therefore, it is vital to train on a course that is accredited by a major governing coaching body. For this reason, we have aligned with the most prestigious coaching bodies in the world, the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and the Association for Coaching (AC) to drive our standards and accredit our Diploma course. 

The Diploma in Positive Coaching has 105 (84 synchronous and 21 asynchronous) coach-specific training hours. Synchronous is in-person training (ZOOM) and asynchronous is directed self-study of course materials)

Our Diploma in Positive Coaching passed the rigorous standards set by both the ICF and AC with flying colours and constantly over-delivers. Taking our ICF/AC accredited coaching diploma means that should you wish to become an individually accredited with either or both the ICF or AC, you will have completed the core training necessary for both. 

Please note – Those who want to apply for the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the ICF can only do so once they have 100+ hours of coaching, with at least 70% paid for coaching hours. Coaches will also need to complete 10 hours of mentoring with an ICF mentor and pass a multiple-choice ICF exam as well as providing an audio recording of a coaching session. See the ICF website for full details.

For the AC you will need a minimum of 75 hours of 1:1 or group coaching, 25% of which should be paid for. You will also need to submit 3 essay and undergo 3 months supervision. For full details see the AC website.



We are confident our Diploma in Positive Coaching is world-class. There are so many benefits that make this course one you won’t want to miss. The unique coach training will provide you with the maximum confidence to become a great coach. Plus the study skills support will make sure that anyone, no matter what educational background, will flourish.

Online Interactive training

Our coach training platform is online, interactive and instructor-led. We provide you with the best possible online learning experience, enabling you to access your training anywhere in the world and while being fully connected to Andy and the team.

Fully accredited by the world-leading coaching body, The International Coaching Federation (ICF) and Association for Coaching (AC)

On successful completion of the diploma, you will have trained on a fully ICF/AC accredited course, and be in a position, should you wish, to gain your personal accreditation with the ICF/AC. Both these organisations represent the gold standard in coaching and means you open doors to coaching with the highest level of credibility.

Help Starting Your Coaching Business

Unlike most other courses, you will learn from Andy, who has created several elite level coaching businesses, how to market your coaching. Coaching is about confidence and Andy will show you through his Mission Led Marketing module, exactly how to reach and help the right people for you.

Online Coaching Community

You will join our coaches community where you can engage, share and support each other to help you become the best coach you can be! So you instantly join a network of coaches with whom you can link to provide your coachees with the best possible experience.


For those interested in coaching in the alcohol-free space, Andy has created a unique coaching module that will show you exactly how he has inspired hundreds of thousands of people to transform their relationship with alcohol and in doing so - their lives! On successful completion of this optional module, you will be accredited by AreteWay Coach with the title of ‘AF-COACH’


Here’s why training to become a coach is a great investment

Firstly, you get to use the learning to develop yourself. The fastest way to your Arete: Excellence, Purpose & Potential is to help others reach theirs.

Secondly, you learn a skill that has the potential to help lots of people, which is one of the greatest gifts in life.

Finally, coaching, when done right, has the potential to create a wonderful lifestyle for you and your family. Whether you run it as a side hustle around a busy job or family, create a movement that inspires millions, or a busy 1:1 practice, all options have the power to generate the economic levers that can transform the way you live.


FACT #1- Accredited Course

On successful completion of the course you will hold a ‘Diploma In Positive Coaching’ which is accredited by the ICF/AC and be in a position, should you wish, apply for full ICF/AC accreditation (See ICF/AC website for full details). PLUS you will receive certification from AreteWay Coach and if you choose, AF-Coach.

FACT #2 - Experience

You get to train with a world-leading coach who has invested close to £100,000 and ten years in his training to bring you this top-level coaching course. Therefore, you will train with an expert and you won’t have to invest £100,000 or take ten years to get the learning you need.

FACT #3 - The Power Of The Collective

Just imagine being part of a network that collectively can change the lives of millions and gain a sense that together you can make a difference? Well, as soon as you start your Diploma you will join a thriving network of coaches. This is not a solo journey, this is a life adventure where you will learn, build a network and combine to make a lasting impact. How exciting is this?

FACT #4 - You are smart enough

We have trained school leavers with zero qualifications and years of higher education to become great coaches. No one gets left behind. As someone who left school at 16 to pursue a career in professional sport, Andy is passionate about making sure everyone no matter what educational background has the support they need to become a great coach. Therefore our study support is also world-class. So you are smart enough and you can do it!

FACT #5 - Bonuses and more bonuses

We will make no secret of it, Andy wants as many people as possible to benefit from the skills of coaching so he is offering lots of bonuses to help you make a great decision. Click on the link below to learn more!

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