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Double accredited by the ICF & AC

A world-class double accredited coach training course for executives like you who wish to learn the art of coaching to transform their personal development and performance whilst learning a skill to help others achieve the same. Plus, you gain the opportunity to turn a coaching side hustle into a full-time career that you love.

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“The issue I faced when training as a coach ten years ago, whilst running a large brokerage was that most people offering training had never really coached in a big way themselves. Therefore they were training me in something they hadn’t done. For this reason, I vowed that if I could make a success of coaching whilst having a busy day job, I would train others to do the same.”

Andy Ramage.

Andy Will Train You..

you will learn from someone who is coaching at the highest level, from starting online movements that have impacted millions of lives to running elite workshops and working 1:1 with world-leading CEO’s, executives and premiership footballers. Andy has also experienced real success as a full-time coach whilst running a full-time brokerage. Therefore Andy is perfectly positioned to train and support you as you learn the skills of a coach.

Andy knows exactly what’s possible whilst still in a busy career and that coaching has the potential to help you escape the golden handcuffs and turn coaching into a full-time vocation you love.

Why Positive Coaching?

Science is important for credibility and as a guide to what works and what doesn’t. Therefore the science of positive psychology forms the backbone of the Diploma. Andy and the two senior coaches that help him to manage the course all hold Master’s degrees in Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology, therefore you are learning from those that have trained at an elite level in this area.

What is Diploma In Positive Coaching?

The double accredited Diploma in Positive Coaching is a world-class LIVE (zoom) coaching qualification that will allow you to coach at the highest level, for example, within an investment bank. Equally, you can leverage the same qualification to life coach, career coach, or alcohol-free coach … as all genres of coaching use the same foundation that Andy will train you in.

What You Get...

6 Months Online Coaching

Live Zoom Sessions Delivered by Andy Ramage

Coaches Handbook

Guidelines for everything you will need to know as a coach

Alternative Training Days

2 day LIVE (Zoom) training blocks (Tues+Weds or Sat+Sun) each month

6 Months Online Coaching

Live Zoom Sessions Delivered by Andy Ramage

Coaches Handbook

Great guidelines for everything you will need to know as a coach

Alternative Training Days

2 day LIVE (Zoom) training blocks (Tues+Weds or Sat+Sun) each month

How Will I find Clients?

There are no guarantees. However, you will train with someone who is right now coaching across all coaching genres, from running workshops to creating apps and 1:1 coaching at the highest level. This expertise and insight will help you get started as a coach.

Why It’s The BEST Time Ever To Become A Coach

You could not have timed this better. Right now is the BEST time ever to be a coach. Technology such as zoom has just opened up the whole world to coaching, just at the moment people are becoming more comfortable and familiar with the power of coaching.

How To Finance...

The Investment for the Diploma In Positive Coaching is £4,000 +VAT

If You Want The Best Double Accredited Coaching Course Then You Have Found it

Save An Extra £250 +Vat If Full Payment Made Upfront

Early Birld Payment must be received by the 28th Of Feb 2023

Payment Plans Available on Request

Spead The Cost To Suite Your Budget

14 Day Money Back Guarentee

After the first 2 training block you have an additional 14 days for a full refund.

Lots of bonuses included in the price

Additional Bonus Content As My Special Gift You. See Belo.

Your Investment?

Training as a coach is not a spend, it’s an incredible investment in your personal development, with the potential to create a meaningful future and generate fresh economic levers as a side hustle or full-time career. Coaching is not a 6-month thing, coaching is a skill that will serve you for a lifetime.
Andy has invested in courses that cost £25,000+, which did not offer any qualifications and a fraction of the training you will receive. Furthermore, many accredited coach training courses require investments of £10,000 and beyond:

Not Sure I Can Afford It?

If you think about coaching long-term for the next 10 or 20 years, it’s easier to see how this is an incredible investment opportunity. If you put £4000+VAT in the bank, what would this look like in 10 years? Now imagine investing the same into coach training, which might help you perform better in business and life, plus help you feel happier, with the potential to generate fresh economic levers and set up a whole new career that you love.

Through this longer-term lens, how do you feel about a skilful investment in coaching now?

And wait until you see the bonuses below…


The Diploma is world-class and what makes it even more unique is all the incredible bonus support, which includes:

Adult learning support

Weekly drop in’s, which is your chance to chat with an
expert coach

Weekly study skills support

Weekly coaching practice groups to skill up quickly.

Andy’s Mission Led Marketing Course - How to find clients easily and quickly

Andy’s blueprint: How to take coaching clients on a long-term journey of development

Our Students’ Success Is Our Success

We have trained over 200 Students from all over the world, and we are proud of how we have helped them get started in their coaching professions

“I have been training on the Arete Way Coaching Course now for over a month.
The Coaches are clearly very experienced and extremely well qualified. They are very positive and encouraging, and I feel their commitment is to 'leave no soldier behind' - they want to help us all achieve our goal of being a Coach. Many of us have come onto this course from very different walks of life, ages and personalities, but somehow this course seems to be accessible to us on a 'one size fits all' basis, as it offers many avenues to learning, from bookwork to drop in chats, practical assessments and inter-group learning pods. It was a big decision to sign up for this course, but I feel hopeful and optimistic that I will realise my dream of becoming a coach and helping others achieve their goals. Thank you to all the Coaches and back office administrators."
Trudi, AreteWay Coach
“"Why this course is different, the level of teaching by excellent coaches who are actually in practice and successful in their own right is second to none.
The breadth of skills, knowledge, and approaches to practice is so much better than I have experienced before. The mission led marketing is key here, you don't get that on other courses. It's helped me not just with my coaching but also how I pitch other suggestions both at work and in my personal life. The group support has been perfect. I absolutely would recommend this course. "
Jo, AreteWay Coach
“"Enrolling on the Arete Way Coaching Course has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.
I am so grateful to Andy and the amazing coaching team for their support, encouragement and wisdom. This course has given me such a great insight into what it takes to be an excellent life coach and in addition to this, I have learnt so much about myself which has helped me grow and transform my own life. You are supported all the way on a journey of self-discovery. The teaching materials and modules are well-structured and delivered with excellence. Being here has made me feel part of a wonderful family, it's very uplifting! I feel so confident now that being a coach is my purpose. I am so excited for my future! "
Jenny, AreteWay Coach

Now Is The Time For You To Shine.

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