The Diploma In Positive Coaching (DPC)


COURSE Brochure


DPC vision and goals:

Our vision at AreteWay Coach is to train world-class coaches to take people on a coaching journey towards life transformation or in other words – help people to reach their Arete. The goal for our coaching diploma is to equip each trainee coach with the skills, knowledge, mindset, network, support and most importantly confidence to go out into the world and make a difference through their coaching. 

How to know if the DPC is for you?

The Diploma is aimed at all educational backgrounds and we supplement our course with world-class study skills specifically for those returning to education.

The Diploma in Positive Coaching is perfect for those who want to extend their self-development knowledge and apply this to help others through coaching.

Also, the Diploma is perfect for anyone who wants to potentially change their career and begin helping others.

 The DPC is also for those who just want to develop themselves, use these skills in the workplace, or inspire their family.

The number of student contact hours

The Diploma in Positive Coaching has 105 (84 synchronous and 21 asynchronous) coach-specific training hours. Synchronous is in-person training (ZOOM) and asynchronous is directed self-study of course materials).


All our training will take place online via ZOOM so there is no restriction on a student’s location.

Students will not require a paid-for ZOOM account, the free ZOOM account will suffice. Our team will help set ZOOM up for those not already familiar with this excellent technology.

All of the LIVE ZOOM learning modules are recorded and shared for reference and for anyone who can not attend the LIVE sessions.

Online learning platform

AreteCoach uses a unique online learning platform to store course modules, ZOOM recordings, additional coaching tools and bonus content such as The AreteWay Coach module. 

Coach community

All trainee coaches will gain access to a private community. This is a place to network and share coaching ideas, as well as arrange coaching sessions between trainee coaches.

Learning goals

All trainee coaches will gain access to a private community. This is a place to network and share coaching ideas, as well as arrange coaching sessions between trainee coaches.

To gain greater knowledge and understanding of a range of different coaching theories and approaches

To develop a wide range of coaching skills

To learn how to effectively reflect on your coaching and use this knowledge to develop your coaching skill set further

To regularly put into practice your newly acquired coaching skills with other course members

To fully understand and learn how to apply each of the ICF core competencies to coaching

Know how to set up and skillfully manage a coaching session.

Understand how to refer on and acknowledge when a coachee might require specialised help.

Learn ways to market their coaching business in ways that are ethical and sustainable

Are You Ready To become a coach?


Core Modules:

The ‘induction’ part is essentially an orientation to the whole programme. Next, you will receive a crash course in coaching. You will learn how to structure and manage a coaching session so that you are ready and confident to start building up your coaching hours from the beginning of the course.

Essentially this is where you learn the theory behind the practice. This module explores the many theories which have contributed to the development of coaching as we know it today. From the theoretical origins of coaching to the various psychological approaches employed by coaches today.

During this module, you learn the nuts and bolts of coaching. Here we closely examine the tools and techniques that can be used to help coachees find clarity, self-awareness, develop goals and achieve them. This module is the largest and will run throughout the course, introducing more sophisticated coaching methodologies as your skills develop.

Ethical and professional coaching practise lies at the heart of the AreteWay coaching course and as such, will be revisited throughout the programme as part of this module. From following the ICF Code of Ethics through to the coaching supervision process, these topics will empower you to coach to the highest professional standards.

An exploration of the science that supports positive psychology, the powerhouse behind so much self-development. Equally, understanding how to continue your personal development plays a crucial role in helping others to do the same.

Situated towards the end of the course, this module will help you to evolve your own coaching philosophy and approach. The central themes are built upon providing support to craft and build your own coaching business and to remain ‘current’ through ongoing professional development and training. This final module 6 is considered a ‘resource development’ by the ICF i.e. not part of the ICF core competencies, but still is part of the accredited course.

Once modules 1 – 6 are finished and the observations and assignments are submitted the ICF accredited Diploma in Positive Coaching is complete!

AreteWay Coach then offers two extra modules that are not part of the ICF accredited DPC, however, these two extra modules are accredited by AreteWay Coach. See below for more details.


The Areteway Coach:

Our Additional Coaching Methods - Two optional accreditations and specialisms offered.

*Note the following specialisms are optional modules offered by AreteWay Coach and therefore separate from the ICF accredited Diploma in Positive Coaching (DPC) modules above. So each speclism requires extra time and study.


AF-Coach is an optional specialist module that consists of a further two-day block of learning and 3.5 hours of self-study. AF-Coach is designed for those wishing to coach people on their alcohol-free journey. During this module, you will learn from Master AF-Coach Andy Ramage everything you need to know about coaching in the alcohol-free space. Those who successfully complete this module will be awarded the title ‘AF-Coach’ by AreteWay Coach.

AreteWay Coaching Method

The AreteWay Coaching Method is another specialist module offered by AreteWay Coach. This module is offered exclusively online through a series of videos and a module workbook. 

The AreteWay Coaching Method blends all the best learning, from classic 1:1 to mentoring and knowledge broking, to create a unique blueprint of coaching. Students who successfully complete the AreteWay Coaching Method module will be eligible to be accredited by AreteWay Coach with the title, ‘AreteWay Coach’.

Coaching philosophy

The overarching philosophy of AreteWay coaching is a positive approach, with a substantial element of Positive Psychology incorporated into our methodology as this provides scientific insight into the wellbeing, self-development and positive change that coaching aims to bring about. The Diploma covers the Psychological roots of coaching, the tools and techniques coaches use as well as the ethics and coaching professionalism, which all link to the ICF core competencies.


Lead Instructures

Andy Ramage Msc

Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology

Naomi morgan Msc

Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology

Sarah chamberlain Msc

Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology

Dates and LOCATION:

All training sessions are held virtually over ZOOM.

Instructions on how to join the Zoom sessions will be provided upon signup. You will require access to a computer or laptop.

The next 2022 cohorts begin on the 5th of SEPTEMBER 2022.

TRAINING DATES FOR 2022/2023 - Dates for your diary

Please note – trainee coaches only need to attend either the weekend or the weekday block of 2 days each month. Therefore, in total, they need to attend 6 x 2-day blocks to complete the Diploma in Positive Coaching (DPC). This can be a mixture of weekends and or weekdays.


Tuesday 6th & Wednesday 7th


Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th


Tuesday 11th & Wednesday 12th


Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th

NOV 2022

Tuesday 8th & Wednesday 9th


Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th

DEC 2022

Tuesday 3rd & Wednesday 4th


Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th

Jan 2023

Tuesday 10th & Wednesday 11th


Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th

FEB 2023

Tuesday 4th & Wednesday 5th


Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th

NOTE: At this point all the required ICF accredited Diploma in Positive Coaching training is complete. This final training block below is exclusively for the optional AF-Coach training.

Please note – At this point, all the required ICF accredited Diploma in Positive Coaching training is complete. This final training block below is exclusively for the optional AF-Coach training.



The language used in program deliver:

The DPC uses English as the language to deliver the course.

How the program is delivered:

The bulk of the training program,80%, is delivered LIVE over ZOOM, with the remaining 20% being self-study.

Requirements students must meet to gain a place on the DPC:

All potential trainee coaches must fill out the application form.

The AreteWay Coach team will then arrange for the trainee to speak with one of our AreteWay coaches to have any questions answered.

Following this conversation, the AreteWay Coach Team will decide with the student if the Diploma is a great fit.

If successful, all students will have a final brief call with Andy to confirm the offer of a place on the course. At this point, students will be required to pay a fully refundable deposit of £450 to guarantee their space.

Your investment:

The investment for the whole course including The Diploma in Positive Coaching and the optional AF-Coach & AreteWay accreditation is:

£4000 + VAT (Payment Plans Are Available) 

*Early bird discount available of £250 if the course is paid in full. 

**Payment plans are available

Once a student has paid their deposit of £250 to guarantee their place on the course, they will be required to pay in full or make their first payment 14 days before the course start date. The course start date is the 5th of September, so the first payment is due no later than Aug 22nd. Late payments may result in losing a place on the course.

Withdrawals, refunds and a guarantee

To help our potential students make a great choice and ease any concerns, we offer a guarantee of a 14-day full refund after the start date of the course. The start date of the next course is the 5th of September 2022.  Therefore if for any reason a student needs to withdraw from the course you have 14 days after the 5th of September to do so to gain a full refund. All you would need to do is email team@andyramage and we will process the full refund. So our potential trainee coaches are totally covered.

Here is a Summary of what you get, Which you wont FIND with any other training provider

ICF accredited Diploma In Positive Coaching

LIVE training with Andy Ramage

Weekly study skills support, general LIVE support from the coaching team

Workbooks & PDF’s

Optional specialism ‘AF-COACH’, accredited by AreteWay Coach

Optional specialism ‘AreteWay Coach’, accredited by AreteWay Coach

And That's not it! You will receive the following bonuses

BONUS #1 - Discount for having trained with Andy before

As a thank you to anyone that has trained with Andy on any of his courses including:

  • The AreteWay, 
  • Full Potential Plan, 
  • The Office Athlete and 
  • The Mind & Body GYM

Andy will discount anything you have invested in these courses from the price of your coaching course.

So you will effectively get all your other training with Andy for free when you become a coach. 

For example, if you have taken the AreteWay course and then joined the MBG you will get this investment discounted from your coaching course!

If you are going to train with Andy to become a coach, you may as well take all the other courses as you will get them essentially for free!

BONUS #2 - LIVE (In-person/virtual) training with Andy before the course begins

As a massive thank you for finding the courage to commit you will get a FREE live in-person workshop training with Andy: “The 5 secrets to creating coaching credibility before you start coaching, while overcoming your biggest fears”

In this workshop, Andy will share the secrets that he has used to help create a movement that inspired millions, a thriving 121 coaching practice, a high-end corporate coaching company and how to overcome those typical limiting beliefs such as ‘what have I got to offer?’.

This LIVE in-person session will take place in the Arete HQ, Essex. These sessions will be hybrid. So if you can’t attend in person we will set you up as a virtual guest for the afternoon. So, you can attend the session wherever you are in the world!

BONUS #3 - Andy’s world-class Mission Led Marketing Training

When you sign up for the DPC you will gain access to the full online ‘Mission Led Marketing (MLM)’ course created by Andy. MLM is where Andy shares all his practical insights of how to find your niche and create a thriving coaching vocational business. 

MLM is Andy’s coaching success blueprint. The world would love to get its hands on this knowledge, and Andy shares it exclusively with you.  This course contains hours of video learning and workbooks to help you build your coaching presence in a way that is ethical and mission-led.  You will also learn the skills of marketing that will help attract the right people so you can coach with maximum confidence. 

MLM is also where you learn the secrets of economic generation to give your coaching business the best chance of success.

Many of our coaches would say that the ‘Mission Led Marketing’ course is worth more than the coaching Diploma itself! 

BONUS #4 - Partnership opportunities with Andy

Everything we do at AreteWay Coach is designed to provide you with the skills and more importantly the confidence to actually coach.

As a graduate of the DPC, you will automatically gain the opportunity to become a partner coach of Andy’s. 

Becoming a partner coach can provide you with instant credibility as you stand side by side with Andy and the team. You can then leverage the existing groups, content and community that Andy provides to grow your coaching confidence while also building a network of new contacts within these spaces.

As a partner, you will receive a partner pack of links, images and content to help get you started. 

This sets up potentially huge credibility and confidence wins, and also the potential for an economic win the instant you qualify as a coach. 

For more information contact

BONUS #5 - Andy’s LIVE’s coaching vault

Andy has been going LIVE almost daily for the last 7 years. So you can imagine that’s a massive range of great concepts and content ideas. As another bonus, you will get exclusive access to the LIVE vault, which contains the LIVE videos and the transcripts from many of these videos. This means you can use the transcripts as a never-ending supply of content ideas for posts, videos, images, and blogs, while also using the topics as content for your own video or lives. (So content generation is not something you have to worry about!)

BONUS #6 - Three months FREE access to CoachClub, for ongoing supervision and support

After you graduate you will receive three months of ongoing mentoring and support in our AreteWay Coach-Club for FREE! The AreteWay Coach Club is our ongoing community of coaches, which also includes special guest workshops, ongoing coaching development, supervision, and mentoring. This means you get support and guidance for at least 9 months including the course!

BONUS #7 - ACCESS TO The most amazing network of coaches

One of the most powerful elements of our courses is connecting with others. You have access to a large network of coaches where you can help and support each other on your journey to become an amazing coach. Connecting is power.

BONUS #8 - Special guest speakers to broaden your coaching knowledge

During your training, you will be invited to join the CoachClub special guest speakers. Past guest speakers have included Christian Van Nieuwerburgh, who wrote the textbook we often refer to!  Also Lauren Booker, world-leading alcohol-free specialist and coach.


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